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Early Childhood

Teachers: Samantha Tyrer
Instructional Aides: Lauren Amato

The Early Childhood program is for students who need additional assistance with readiness, motor behavior, and speech and language. Students are screened for the program by a team of teachers and therapists and a full report of the screening results are shared with the parents. Students must be at least three years old to be in the program. If the team and parents determine that the child may qualify for the program, further evaluation may be necessary.

If your child qualifies for the Early Childhood program, staff will provide services to your child in their setting whether it be day care or at home. 

If you would like more information about the program, please contact Mrs. Tyrer at 364-6360. If you feel your child may qualify for the program, please schedule a time for your child to be screened. We offer screenings in October and March. You must be a resident of the Beloit Turner School District to have your child screened.